As Creative Entrepreneurs ourselves, we FULLY understand the need for your creative office space to function on a high level as well as artfully communicate the essence of your brand.  

Creative and personal brands need their office spaces to speak to potential clients and give them an immediate first impression that only a strong visual representation can do.  Think of your office or studio as a physical manifestation of your website and online branding.  

Ok, so now that we got that out there, how in the world do you bring your online branding and website to life through Interior Design? More so, how do you do that while also creating a high functioning space? That's precisely where we come into play.  

As total experts in Creative Entrepreneurship and Interior Design, we will effortlessly blend your Brand's aesthetic with your office's interior space so that when client's walk into your office they will FEEL your brand and it will be that much easier to win their affections. 


STEP ONE // Get in touch, Fill out the Questionnaire and let us know how we can help.

STEP TWO // We send you a quote 

STEP THREE // You’re IN and ready to get going! We send you an invoice 

STEP FOUR // We see your space, You send us pictures and measurements and we collaborate on what's needed to bring your brand to life in the physical sense. 

STEP FIVE // We start designing! 

STEP SIX // You receive a design board, Space Plan and Shopping List 

STEP SEVEN // One Round of revisions is included 

STEP EIGHT // We finalize the plan based on any feedback and you pull it together at your own pace OR we can carry the job out fully to completion. 

** Pricing based on scope of work // This service is available as E-Design or In Person.  Please get in touch for exact quote details.