Full Service Interior Design is just that...Full Service. We are with you from conception to completion, leading you through the entire scope of the creative process of making a house YOUR home. 

Long story short, Here’s how it works:

  • Fill out our questionnaire
  • Send photos of your house/room(s)
  • We will take care of Budgets and Contracts
  • We’ll then contact you to arrange a one hour consultation for a fixed fee (within the Orange County Area)
  • We’ll take measurements of the space(s) 
  • With all the details in place we will start designing
  • We will walk you through each detail of designing your space with Space Planning, Mood Boards, purchasing and styling. 

Short Story, Long, Here's How it works: 


Our services start out by getting to know you as our client. We will gather initial information from you to lay the groundwork for a well planned design: 

  • E-Questionnaire 
  • Pictures 
  • Measurements
  • Pinterest Board 
  • Contracts & Details


From here we will do a thorough walkthrough of your space, we will chat through all of the details, your dreams, your ideas and your thoughts on the design.  Your style, the feeling you want to have in your space, and items you might want to keep.  We will be taking detailed notes and from here will have a very strong base to build our design plans on. 


After we have gathered all of your information and seen the space, we hit the drawing board.  We will build high level conceptual design plans for each individual space that will be compiled into a comprehensive mood board that will include the following: 

  • Overall Design & Feel 
  • Color Scheme suggestions 
  • Product style & suggestions 
  • Layout Possibilities 
  • Suggested styling pieces 
  • Detailed design ideas 


Together, we will review the Design Suggestions of the space and hone in on the details.  We will discover what you are in love with and delete the things you could do without.  From this point, you will have a pretty clear view of what the room will look like in the end.  We will take the revisions and fine tune the plan to get it ready to put into action. 


At this point we will have everything needed to develop a detailed design plan which will include: 

  • Exact Color Scheme
  • Paint Color Options (if applicable) 
  • Scaled Room Layout 
  • Exact Product Specifications and Shopping List 
  • Styling selections 
  • Artwork selections 
  • Detailed steps and timeframe to execute design plan


All items have been selected and sourced, now it’s time to officially pull it all together! At this stage you can expect: 

  • Purchase of all large design items
  • Purchase of small design items 
  • Installation Schedules & Appointments made
  • Furniture Delivery Schedules made
  • Final Styling & Installation executed. 


CONGRATS! We made it to the end! You now have yourself a stylish, sophisticated and inviting space that will happily house you and your family and friends for years to come. That was pretty fun, eh?!