SALT SERIES \\ Design Your Family Room


Ok friends, we have now made it through the most important first steps of the Design Process (in our humble opinion)...The Declutter and Edit Phases...whew!

Now that we have a clean slate and we know what we have to organize in our  Family Room, we can begin the task of organization.



BEFORE YOU START, here are a few tips from Organization Expert, Aby Garvy from Simplify 101 on what NOT to do which is super important to the success of our project here! Depending on your personal level of organizing expertise, Aby can inspire you, guide you or literally do it for you, preparing you a clean slate of a room that will be ripe and ready for beautiful and functional design.

We like to organize with pretty things, it's just better that way, right?!  We find that in the family room, stylish baskets are great for rolling up your comfy blankets and placing next to the couch for when you want to cozy up.  



If you have kids, we like the toys to be out when they are around and out of sight when they are not using them, so we use a covered basket to easily toss them in and keep the space clean as well as super kid friendly. 

Organization is very dependent on what you have in each room and how much you have to store, for us, the key is to SIMPLIFY, this makes the job of organization relatively easy because you just have less STUFF.  If you get stuck on this chapter...head back to square one, declutter & edit!! 

We wish you lots of Organizing Luck today!