CURRENT PROJECTS // Vacation Rental Renovation

We are in the midst of a VERY exciting project over here!  We just got our hands on all of the details for a vacation rental renovation in Big Bear, Ca.  So at this very moment in time, we are in the planning and design phases for furniture, a small kitchen facelift and preparing for a quick installation period (the clients will be closing escrow, renovating and filling the cabin with furniture within a month and a half time frame...preparation is KEY!) 

Today, we are planning out an awesome Gallery Wall for the main family room in the cabin, which will be arranged on an original Pine siding that just got a fresh coat of paint.  For a wide open space, it is one of our favorite ways to decorate.  

It takes a bit of curating, you've got to find the right pieces of art, mix it with a few bits of texture (we are planning on heading to the Flea Market for some unique pieces). We love a good mix of old and new, modern touches with bits of character mixed in...that is our very essence in all we design. So we have selected and ordered some pretty dang awesome pieces of artwork, here's a quick round up of the decor we have purchased so far fromWest ElmMinted for West Elm.

** All Products for above mentioned project were excitedly sourced from West Elm.