Hello friends! It's so lovely to see you again in our Featured Artisan Series!  We designed this series to bring you our curated collection of incredibly inspiring businesses that we personally shop at for our own homes as well as our client's spaces.  

Today, we bring you some of our outrageously talented friends, Kelly Conrad & Vanessa Lentine of THE WOVEN HOME,  who have an awesome collection of Mudcloth Pillows, vintage Kilim rugs, modern photography prints and more.  We are both in the midst of re-decorating our own homes at the moment and are creating a (LONG ) list of items we want from this shop, it ain't gonna be good for the ol' wallet, no good..but SO good for the home!!


We are Vanessa Lentine and Kelly Conrad, two ridiculous moms from Southern California who share a mutual love for all things home. Friends since the days of high school cheer.... actually, make that Jr. High ice blocking... well back further still, we were classmates in kindergarten. We've had many a shenanigan through the years but motherhood definitely brought us together. From texts about textiles, crack-of-dawn flea market trips and eventually our plan to launch a business- The Woven Home- there has never been a dull moment. 
The Woven Home is a curated collection of vintage goods and new originals that bring soul into the modern home. We take special care to source one of a kind textiles and handmade home goods from around the world. Each blemish and imperfection lends to the unique character of these well-loved treasures that have been carefully preserved and now breathe new life. Mix, match, and style to create your own unique space. The home is your haven. Create your masterpiece.


Source: www.thewovenhome.com